CoL group in Turkey is composed of 12 participants, including eight science teachers, one science center representatives, and three academics.  

Firstly, the eight CoL teachers consisted of six females and two males. Among the eight teachers, four are high school chemistry teachers, two are high school physics teachers, and two are middle school science teachers. There eight teachers' experiences range from 2 and 23 years. The 6 of 8 teachers work in private schools, and the others work in public schools as full time teachers in Istanbul. One of the eight teachers have experience of teaching nanoscience to middle school students. Moreover, another CoL teacher who is working in a public school have a special interest in teaching nanoscience, and he is also studying on nanoscience education for his master's thesis.


Secondly, the science center representative, who is also a part of the CoL group work at Sisli Science Center in Istanbul. She had previously involved in a couple of  EU projects about nanoscience education such as “Nanopinion Project”.  

Finally, CoL involves three academics; two science education experts and a scientist working as full time instructors at Bogazici University in Istanbul. Sevil Akaygun is an assistant professor at the Secondary School Science and Math Education Department at Bogazici University, and her research involves visualization in science education, multi-representations in chemistry education, mental models, science teacher education, and nanoscience/nanotechnology education. Emine Adadan is also an assistant  professor at the Secondary School Science and Math Education Department at Bogazici University, and her research includes conceptual change learning, students' alternative conceptions, multiple representations in chemistry education, inquiry-based learning, and science teacher education. Amitav Sanyal is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Bogazici University, and his research involves biomaterials for bioimmobilization, fabrication of biological sensors, novel scaffolds for cell and tissue growth, metal and polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery, and fabrication of micro- and nano- structures via self-assembly.


The Community of Learners (CoL) Group in Turkey.