Partners of Project Irresistible developed and implemented teaching modules on a cutting-edge science topic integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). As a part of the modules, students were expected to develop an interactive exhibit to be presented to their peers, teachers, parents and public at their schools, universities or science centers. Through this process, students developed skills to better communicate the content and RRI by incorporating interactivity, while teachers developed skills to guide students during this process.


After the modules were implemented in each country, each partner organized local exhibitions displaying the exhibits of participating students. Then the selected top exhibits were invited to participate in the Final Exhibition of Project Irresistible, at IPN, Kiel, Germany. The Final Exhibition was held on September 30, 2016, on the European Researchers Night 2016. Students presented the 60 best student-curated exhibits from all ten countries in a 300 m² joint exhibition.


The Final Exhibition started by the opening speech of Mayor of Kiel, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer. A total of 151 persons related to project (Irresistible team, teachers, students, student helpers) participated in the Final Exhibition. Sixty exhibits from 10 countries reached to about 2000 visitors. Seven countries brought a total of 72 students to present their work. During the Final Exhibition video meetings with ERN events in Romania and Greece were held. 



Considering the partner countries, Finland brought 4 exhibits on Climate Change, Nanoscience and Climate Geoengineering; Germany presented 5 exhibits on Plastics in Oceans, Nanotechnology and Nano & Health, Greece displayed 5 exhibits on Nanotechnology, Plastics in Oceans, and Carbohydrates in Breast Milk; Israel brought 4 exhibits on Perovskite-based Photovoltaic Cells; two partners from Italy presented a total of 11 exhibits on Nanotechnology for Solar Energy, and Nanotechnology Applications; Poland displayed 6 exhibits on Nanosilver and Nanogold; Portugal displayed 10 exhibits on Plastics in Oceans and Polar Science; Romania brought 7 exhibits on Nanoscience; The Netherlands presented 4 exhibits on Carbohydrates in Breast Milk; and finally Turkey brought 4 exhibits on Nano & Health, Plastics in Oceans, and Climate Change. Sample Pictures form the exhibits displayed on the Final Exhibition of Project Irresistible are seen below.


Exhibit from Finland                                                                          Exhibit from Germany


                     Exhibit from Greece                                                                    Exhibit from Israel


                  Exhibit from Italy                                                                           Exhibit from Portugal


   Exhibit from The Netherland                                                       Exhibit from Turkey


                               Exhibit from Polad                                                       Exhibit from Romania


Besides displaying the exhibits developed by the students in each country, the Final Exhibition had another goal; informing the visitors in Responsible Research and Innovation. To this aim, the Final Exhibition had boards explaining 6 dimensions of RRI, and a stand informing how it is integrating in the modules developed in the project.



                     Boards for 6 dimensions of RRI                                                 A stand informing about the modules