My name is Ismail Ates. I havebeen teaching for 16 years. I have worked with students from different age groups.  My goal is to increase students’ awareness and attitudes towards science as well as developing their skills in understanding and examining new developments and innovations with asking questions about their risks and benefits. Meeting with Project Irresistible stimulated my excitement and motivation for reaching that goal.

I saw this project as an opportunity for having an experience about being a responsible and innovative teacher while integrating cutting-edge science research topics in science education and transferring this process to my students. I have a special interest on ‘Nanotechnology and Its Applications in Health Sciences’ which was the topic we worked on in the project. I realized that ‘Nano World’ is interesting, amazing, and exciting while working together with Turkish CoL team. We searched for ways of learning Nanoscience and increasing awareness in related-topics as well. The experience of developing and implementing the module provided me with opportunity for collaboration and cooperation with other science teachers and academics with the spirit of cooperation.

We worked rigorously and responsibly on developing activities for students. Curiosity of the students for the word ‘Nano’ created deep interest towards the Nano Club. Students' active engagement in activities and their collaboration with their peers  showed that activities we developed served our purposes.


Students wondered around a research question, designed and performed  an experiment, evaluated collected evidence, developed new research questions, and, the most importantly, they discussed  this process as they involved in the activities. They discussed the benefits and risks of new technologies by making inquiries on science. In this way, they acquired awareness of being responsible and innovative in their future  careers. Students also got very excited about the exhibits they developed.

Thanks for having this opportunity. Ismail Ates.