Since 2010 the focus of the Science in Society framework of the EU has been the development of a framework for Responsible Research and Innovation. Responsible Research and Innovation asks for a close cooperation between society and research. One of the first requirements for such a framework is the contact between the different stakeholders. In the project IRRESISTIBLE we raise the awareness about the relation between research and society among young people with a special focus on school students and their teachers as intermediates.

Hilary Sutcliffe defines in her report on Responsible Research and Innovation (Sutcliffe, 2011) a number of aspects of RRI:

  • Engagement: joint participation of researchers, industry and civil society in the research and innovation process
  • Gender equality: unlocking the full potential of society
  • Science education: creative education to foster the future needs of society
  • Ethics: including societal relevance and acceptability of research and innovation outcomes
  • Open access: free, online access to the results of publicly funded research
  • Governance: the responsibility of policy makers to develop harmonious models for RRI

These issues will be adressed in all ten teaching modules developed in this project.


Sutcliffe, H. (2011). A report on responsible research and innovation. Brussels: Matter.